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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About DogWatch Systems

Carolien V.

Thank you so much for everything!

We were very impressed with all the help and professional information you provided. The installation was fast and the training instruction were simple and clear. We followed your guidelines and as you can see the pictures speak for themselves.

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Carolien V.

Chris & Pamela P. – Needham, MA

We love or DogWatch System! After losing the battle with our puppies digging their way out of our backyard we contacted DogWatch. They responded right away and provided a competitive pricing quote. The installation was simple and we were very impressed with the training that the installer provided. When our sprinkler system shorted out the DogWatch System last spring, the DogWatch staff responded to our request for help quickly and the system was up and running in less than a day. We even get a quarterly reminder to change batteries on the dog collars! Our dogs are safe and so is our peace of mind, thanks to DogWatch. The products, service, training and support from DogWatch are excellent so we strongly recommend them to anyone who loves their pets.

Lisa G. – Whitman, MA

Highly recommended and appreciated!

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful DogWatch® System and years of dedication and service. It is nice to know that we can let Zoey, our Australian Shepherd, outside and be assured that she can't escape the yard. Zoey especially loves going out to wait for our son to get off the school bus. We believe that "man's best friend" deserves the best hidden fence system, and that is definitely, Dogwatch®. Thanks again.

Cynthia T. – Weston, MA

I am a home owner and Real Estate Broker in Weston, MA. I built my home in 1996. At that time I had Invisible Fence installed. There were unresolved issues with that system and I was unhappy. One of my customers recommended DogWatch® Systems for the customer service as well as training of the dogs on the system. I called and had DogWatch® come out for a consultation. My concerns were directed mainly toward the safety of the system and the communication aspect of the customer service. I had at the time a German Shepard who didn't want anyone in or near his yard who needed to stay within our boundaries. A Border Collie who didn't expect to be contained and a Golden Retriever who would follow the leader, whichever dog wanted to leave the yard.

My decision was made to transfer over to DogWatch®. In the first training session Leddy came out and was quite impressed with The Border Collie's tenacity. He made us a special collar for her and it worked! Over the years we have adopted other dogs who came from running wild. Again the training sessions offered by DogWatch® were complete successes. Their patience in training some of these head strong dogs, sometimes coming back two and three times to be sure the dogs were safe was reassuring to our family. We have a vast array of chewed collars, lost but recovered transponders etc. Customer service have repeatedly responded quickly and efficiently in remedying the problems. I am very happy with Dog Watch Systems and recommend them to all of my customers.

Carolien V.

Thank you so much for everything. We were very impressed with all the help and professional information you provided. The installation was fast and the training instruction were simple and clear. We followed your guidelines and as you can see the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you again.

Carrie A.

I cannot say enough positive things about our continued experiences --we did the initial dog fence with training which was just easy, convenient and we have been so happy with how the system has maintained throughout the New England weather etc.

We have then called back to have garden loops put in and the lead time was short, the work done well and we then called back again to have another loop added and once again the same great service! Great, down to earth people who understand what you need and that the safety of your dog is so important to you.

Teri W.

I am writing to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy having your DogWatch Hidden Fence system for our two Golden Retrievers. It is so nice to sit outside and have our dogs be able to play and run with each other without the fear of having them run away. I truly believe they are getting much more exercise by having DogWatch. As you know, I was skeptical of any sort of hidden fence system, but with the technology that DogWatch offers and the WONDERFUL training you provided I am now TOTALLY confident that this system will keep my dogs in their yard. We absolutely, positively love our DogWatch Hidden Fence system!!

Laura and Pete S.

Thank you so much for installing and training our DogWatch system. We just love it! There is nothing more enjoyable than having our dogs out in front with us and not worrying about what they are getting into in the back. My flower beds look much better now that they are not allowed in there! The training made a noticeable difference! It also helped with the jumping up and house training.

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